Australia’s Ice Epidemic

When is the media in Australia going to get to the truth about the ripple effects of ice related crime. All the home invasions, all the stolen cars, most of the road deaths, are all caused by crazed ice users. There is no doubt about it and we need to get to the source of the supply of this evil drug.

At the centre of this are the suppliers. The police are doing their best to keep ice users off the road but their only focusing on the users, not the suppliers. The only way to make it safe to drive your car or sleep hoping you won’t be a victim is to cut the supply and support the addicts to beat this terrible drug.

I’ll bet the biker clubs and associated crime syndicates are at the epicentre of all this. I’m risking my life by saying this but if you want the truth, then let’s break them up. Yes, it’s probably fascism to break clubs up but they’re not about drinking beer, smoking dope and having a ride on their Harley’s anymore. They don’t care about decent people dying in accidents caused by ice fuelled rages. They don’t care where the money comes from, as long as they get the drug sold. The media has to have the guts to speak out and lay the blame at their feet. They’re the source of all this and yet can’t be infiltrated because they’ve got the crooked people in powerful positions right in their pockets. They are the organisers and they’ll keep beating the police, unless, good people speak up. Journalism, in this country is a joke! None of them want to report the truth anymore. All they want is to get their heads on television. Wake up and realise what’s really happening.


Go Bloods !

Would just like to point out to you Sydney morons, that bleating out during a game ” go bloods” is from the days, way back when your team played at the Lake Oval and was called South Melbourne. Don’t even think for one second that us real Aussie rules supporters give you any credibility as a real team. You are nothing but an AFL composite, propped up club, that has an academy to draw players from and more money given to you by the AFL company men, shit scared that you will fail. You won a premiership in 2011 and then you got Buddy Franklin, who’s a myth by the way, and Tippett. How the hell did you manage that in a supposedly even competition. You are pathetic! Since you got the overrated Franklin you’ve won nothing and that’s so satisfying to us real clubs. Ha! Ha!

Another thing, your uniforms look gay! Stick all that up your bums and suck on it! 3 and 7, so far this year. Longmire you fraud, coach of the year? What a joke! Any moron could’ve coached that team to a premiership in 2011. Just like Brisbane you’re not taken seriously. We blank out those years down here like they never occurred. Suffer in your red and white jocks ! Go Pies!!

Just one more thing I’d like to point out too. Players like Rampy or whatever his name is, give us a break from the porno moustaches, you look ridiculous, seriously, what the bloody hell! Do you really think women find it attractive? Piss off and think about Barassi and Aylett there the ones that sent you to the rugby state.

Cheers 😎


Julian Assange the new Daniel Ellsberg

Free speech is under attack again. Now the American propaganda machine is hoping we’ve all forgotten about Ellsberg. They’ve charged him with seventeen charges when there’s really only one. All he did was report, like any good journalist worth his salt, the information he obtained from an American forces employee. How is he to blame? Chelsea Manning is refusing to testify against Assange because it was all his doing. So why are they focusing on the man who had the courage to report the fact that American forces were killing innocent people ? That’s all Ellsberg did, leaked the Pentagon Papers that revealed the lies about escalating the Vietnam War and how they were Illegally bombing in Cambodia. They were lying to the American public then, so how is this any different? So, once again, they’re trying to force ordinary people to look the other way and shield what we should be all focusing on, American forces skullduggery. Julian Assange is not to blame for what they’ve been doing for years. It’s about time the public woke up! They rely on us not to ask questions. They rely on our ignorance. They’ve been dumbing us down since the end of the Vietnam war. They’ve had their noses in other countries business since the end of World War Two. Don’t get me wrong, I love America and I have American friends, who feel the same way. Im against terrorism and hate their ignorance and violence against innocent people. However, it works both ways doesn’t it ? So, if they convict Assange for truthful journalism, what next ? What’s the point of having newspapers and digital news websites ? Are we back in the nineteen thirties ? When Hitler jailed or murdered anyone who questioned his fascist beliefs.



Australians you are bloody morons

I can’t believe what you’ve done. Haven’t you got any sense? It’s obvious to me that you dumb people who voted for the coalition do not care about climate change or health and education for you’re own children. All you’ve done is given them the power to keep the elitists rich and the common workers poorer. There will be no wage increases, no renewable energy programs and more expensive to see the bloody doctor. I absolutely hate your dumb decision to vote for that fascist Morrison and his nazi cronies, thanks very much and I hope you get what you deserve. Get ready for the worst three years of your pathetic lives. Scared little monkeys, worried about your precious lives, do you really think the coalition are going to protect your jobs? Your children? You’ve been scared off by their bullshit and now you’re going to pay, oh my God, you’re going to pay. Glad to see that papist, fascist, prick, Tony Abbott is gone, bye bye dickhead.



Trump – war won’t save you !

Here we go people, get ready the war dogs are waking up and dusting off their brass pips. Old Donald can see his impeachment at the end of his presidency. He’s maligned the Chinese by trying to stuff up their economy. Now, the real target with all the oil is Iran. He can’t wait to plunge us all into war so we all may forget he’s a liar. Study the past, as I keep saying, whatever the industrial military complex wants it gets. Wherever there’s oil and money to be made, you’ll find them. Here’s a list of countries they’ve interfered with:









Saudi Arabia


Australia, (yes, Australia, infiltrated the trade unions with CIA AGENTS, got rid of Gough Whitlam)

Wake up people or your sons and daughters will be going off to fight in a war that has no credible reason to be involved in. One day you’ll all wake up to find that that they’ve woken up a tiger that will not back down and then, when we’ve all had enough and millions are dead, they’ll use their nukes. So all you mothers today, happy Mother’s Day! If you want to protect the nanny state we live in you’ll need to take notice, because the USA hope you’re dumb and don’t want you to study their past. Demand from your schools to teach contemporary American history and not boring, Australian history that has no bearing on anything that really matters on a global stage. You all walk around with this stupid look on your faces, smiling like you’ve won the lottery. You morons have no idea and that’s what they want.

Wake up out of your stupefaction and give your kids, that you hold so dearly to your bosoms, a chance to be armed with the truth. I can just see you all now waving goodbye to your sons and daughters, with a stupid smile on your faces thinking that their fighting for some bullshit they’ll feed you and you’ll willingly eat it and lap it up like the sheep you really are.




Assange is a hero

Today the hero of free speech was arrested for exposing the lies that the U.S. industrial war machine didn’t want published. So here we go, can the world see the truth?Can the world handle the truth?

This is about free speech, nothing more, nothing less. Do you remember The Pentagon Papers ? If you don’t remember or just don’t know, then you have no right to an opinion.

Now, the trumped up charge of rape that, I believe, has been orchestrated by the yanks. Of course, if he did rape someone he should be punished. However, i seriously doubt if these charges are true but we’ll soon find out. Nothing is ever what it seems when you’re trying to decipher American involvement.

Have a look at their meddling in other countries’ politics. The list is long and sobering to say the least. The fact of this case is they were committing serious war crimes and all Assange did was expose them for the whole world to see. They don’t like being caught with their pants down. I don’t know why ? Maybe, it’s because they still think that the whole world still trusts them. They’ve been exposed many times for stuff they should never had anything to do with. You’ve only got to look at their last fifty years. Especially, in the Middle East and South America. Vietnam was a crock and they knew they were going there as early as 1946. This was proven by a Colonel Prouty, who is now deceased. He was the pilot who saw with his own eyes, world war 2 leftover weapons being transferred to Vietnam just after their victory over Japan. How come they knew that early that they were going there ? This is just a snippet of the foreign policy America adopted as soon as they became the new Romans.

All I’m saying is Assange doesn’t deserve jail. He deserves an award for excellent journalism. If he hadn’t released these documents we’d still be all in the dark. You can’t just put your head in the sand over this blatant disregard for people’s lives and the truth.

They will try to ruin his life now, if they haven’t already, using trial by media. They will try to make him seem like a criminal and strip him of any credibility. Wake up you morons ! You will no doubt want to hang him. It’s your job and your right to question your government’s actions. Just stop kidding yourselves, it’s pathetic.

Peace and love,


Making Gold

My story starts with knitting needles , cardboard boxes, empty ice cream tubs ,The Beatles, Rolling Stones and mum’s record player. All I wanted to be was Ringo. If you think that’s cliche, what the fuck would you know. I know I’m the real thing , so keep reading or piss off into your boring, mundane, life. As I’ve said right from the start , I don’t care what you think. I’ve had a great life even though, until now, my dream never came true.

I didn’t just take the road less travelled, I took the road hardly or never travelled and came through the other side with all my limbs and mental wellbeing intact. Why? Because I cared about my freedom and what made me happy and content, through a real love of life. A passion for beauty, love and all the good things in life worth living.

I see so many miserable people who have never really tried everything they can try. You have to have the courage yo follow your heart and not listen to the sheep who tell you your no good and just be safe. Stick with us, don’t try to be different. They’re saying this because they’re scared and they never take risks. They’re also scared you might succeed and that is what really drives them to stunt your growth.

Do what you love. Of course work jobs you’ve got to do to sustain your existence. But don’t think it’s forever, always keep your dreams alive and work hard at achieving what you really want. There’s such a thing called a protean career and there’s nothing wrong with that. Try everything and give it a real go but don’t shackle yourself to something you just don’t like. If you feel dread everyday that you can’t stand it, get out, don’t waste time.

I’ve done every job you can think of, here’s every job I’ve ever done. Some I lasted awhile, some i lasted a day.

– supermarket box boy

– selling white goods and furniture

– selling menswear

– pastry chef

– delivery driver

– trench digger

– cleaner in a mental hospital

– service station attendant

– went back to school failed

– youth officer

– loans officer

– debt collector

– labourer

– went to university became teacher

– orderly/ instrument technician in an intensive care unit saw lots of death

– financial controller

– music studio assistant

– accounts payable

– basketball stadium manager

– house painter

– school crossing supervisor

– drummer broke must of time

– guitarist broke most of time

– property investor

I’ve not covered everything but it’s pretty much accurate. Am I happy?

You bet your arse I’m happy, why?

Because I worked out if you have people around you that support you no matter what, you’ll be fine. I’m doing what I love and that’s drumming. I’m on Spotify and I have no debt and I own a house at the beach. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids I love to death. So do what you love and keep moving forward. Don’t ever listen to the nay sayers, they’re scared. Most of all they are scared of you.