Assange is a hero

Today the hero of free speech was arrested for exposing the lies that the U.S. industrial war machine didn’t want published. So here we go, can the world see the truth?Can the world handle the truth?

This is about free speech, nothing more, nothing less. Do you remember The Pentagon Papers ? If you don’t remember or just don’t know, then you have no right to an opinion.

Now, the trumped up charge of rape that, I believe, has been orchestrated by the yanks. Of course, if he did rape someone he should be punished. However, i seriously doubt if these charges are true but we’ll soon find out. Nothing is ever what it seems when you’re trying to decipher American involvement.

Have a look at their meddling in other countries’ politics. The list is long and sobering to say the least. The fact of this case is they were committing serious war crimes and all Assange did was expose them for the whole world to see. They don’t like being caught with their pants down. I don’t know why ? Maybe, it’s because they still think that the whole world still trusts them. They’ve been exposed many times for stuff they should never had anything to do with. You’ve only got to look at their last fifty years. Especially, in the Middle East and South America. Vietnam was a crock and they knew they were going there as early as 1946. This was proven by a Colonel Prouty, who is now deceased. He was the pilot who saw with his own eyes, world war 2 leftover weapons being transferred to Vietnam just after their victory over Japan. How come they knew that early that they were going there ? This is just a snippet of the foreign policy America adopted as soon as they became the new Romans.

All I’m saying is Assange doesn’t deserve jail. He deserves an award for excellent journalism. If he hadn’t released these documents we’d still be all in the dark. You can’t just put your head in the sand over this blatant disregard for people’s lives and the truth.

They will try to ruin his life now, if they haven’t already, using trial by media. They will try to make him seem like a criminal and strip him of any credibility. Wake up you morons ! You will no doubt want to hang him. It’s your job and your right to question your government’s actions. Just stop kidding yourselves, it’s pathetic.

Peace and love,


Making Gold

My story starts with knitting needles , cardboard boxes, empty ice cream tubs ,The Beatles, Rolling Stones and mum’s record player. All I wanted to be was Ringo. If you think that’s cliche, what the fuck would you know. I know I’m the real thing , so keep reading or piss off into your boring, mundane, life. As I’ve said right from the start , I don’t care what you think. I’ve had a great life even though, until now, my dream never came true.

I didn’t just take the road less travelled, I took the road hardly or never travelled and came through the other side with all my limbs and mental wellbeing intact. Why? Because I cared about my freedom and what made me happy and content, through a real love of life. A passion for beauty, love and all the good things in life worth living.

I see so many miserable people who have never really tried everything they can try. You have to have the courage yo follow your heart and not listen to the sheep who tell you your no good and just be safe. Stick with us, don’t try to be different. They’re saying this because they’re scared and they never take risks. They’re also scared you might succeed and that is what really drives them to stunt your growth.

Do what you love. Of course work jobs you’ve got to do to sustain your existence. But don’t think it’s forever, always keep your dreams alive and work hard at achieving what you really want. There’s such a thing called a protean career and there’s nothing wrong with that. Try everything and give it a real go but don’t shackle yourself to something you just don’t like. If you feel dread everyday that you can’t stand it, get out, don’t waste time.

I’ve done every job you can think of, here’s every job I’ve ever done. Some I lasted awhile, some i lasted a day.

– supermarket box boy

– selling white goods and furniture

– selling menswear

– pastry chef

– delivery driver

– trench digger

– cleaner in a mental hospital

– service station attendant

– went back to school failed

– youth officer

– loans officer

– debt collector

– labourer

– went to university became teacher

– orderly/ instrument technician in an intensive care unit saw lots of death

– financial controller

– music studio assistant

– accounts payable

– basketball stadium manager

– house painter

– school crossing supervisor

– drummer broke must of time

– guitarist broke most of time

– property investor

I’ve not covered everything but it’s pretty much accurate. Am I happy?

You bet your arse I’m happy, why?

Because I worked out if you have people around you that support you no matter what, you’ll be fine. I’m doing what I love and that’s drumming. I’m on Spotify and I have no debt and I own a house at the beach. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids I love to death. So do what you love and keep moving forward. Don’t ever listen to the nay sayers, they’re scared. Most of all they are scared of you.




What about it? You’re thinking. It seems only like yesterday that it was a given that everyone thought that freewill was a real obtainable state. The hippies in the sixties were always banging on about it. As a kid, I had brothers and sisters who were all part of that movement. That state of mind. Yet the baby boomers have now all gotten old and have sold all of us down the river. They’ve grown cynical and scared and now consider themselves conservatives. Being generation X, I’ve noticed over the years that no one seems to remember the struggles for our rights as human beings. What was it all for then? Why did we go through all that shit? Did we really gain any ground ? In my opinion we did but it has been eroded away in the last thirty years. Why? Because we don’t teach history in the way it should be taught. We don’t make it a priority at schools anymore. Their system now is to keep any negative, historical, significance a secret. They don’t want our kids to think for themselves anymore. They certainly don’t want kids thinking about war or anything to do with the mistakes that man has committed in the past. Whenever I ask someone, even from my own generation X, about the problems our kids are facing in the future, they go blank like a dense fog has overwhelmed them. They can’t add anything to philosophical conversation, because they either don’t care or don’t know anything.

Too many screens in the world now. The coming generations need to take notice of what’s coming. They need to listen to people like Noam Chomsky and Jordan Peterson. They need to read more and study the past or our children will be used as fodder. I’m sorry to be negative but our kids are being brainwashed by these devices to keep them from asking real questions.

Why are things the way they are ?

Why is there so much suffering?

Why is there so much injustice?

Why is it there is nobody questioning our leaders and holding them accountable?

Why is revolution a thing of the past?

Get your shit together people or none of us will have a voice.

Nanny Nanny 🇦🇺 Australia

I’ve become acutely aware, over a period of about thirty years, that living in a country I was born and raised in, has changed dramatically.

Now some people will agree with that statement but they’ll inevitably have understood that statement as a positive. They will think in terms of safety and security and how we’re still the “lucky” country in a vast number of ways. They’ll think that the changes that have occurred and forced upon us are for the common good. These changes, which I’ve noticed over a long time have been subtle and have been accepted as normal since the baby boomers and generation X. Especially, in areas such as education, sport, employment, media, entertainment just to name a few. You only have to look at social commentators and authors such as, Noam Chomsky, thought to be probably the most intelligent, social critic of our time and psychologist Jordan Peterson to realise that we’re not so secure or safe as we may think. The Wowsers that now have a big say in our lives think they know what’s best for us. They have had a huge influence in what we, as individuals, do, say, think, watch on our screens, what we read, how we conduct ourselves, and the list goes on and on.

The rich elite have controlled this by using fear as a way of keeping individuals from banding together to protest their right to free speech. Where are all the revolutionists these days? They’ve been either bought off or stomped on by rules and regulations keeping them frightened to form a social “solidarity” as Chomsky puts forward in his lectures and books.

Now, we only seem to care about ourselves and blame our neighbours or immigration as the problem. The poor guy next to us trying to make a go of it. That’s been the elitists goal since the early seventies. To make sure we turn on each other and blame anybody other than them. They shit themselves back in the sixties because they were losing the power that they had gained over a long time. The common man had them shaking in their boots because the truth was, the rich elite were shit frightened of having to distribute their wealth and pay higher taxes.

Now, we see everyday the promotion of political correctness. I heard Barry Humphries asked in an interview shouldn’t we be moving away from characters such as Sir Les Patterson because it promotes sexual harassment and patriarchy in the workplace. His answer was, ” ah political correctness, the new Puritanism, that’s scary.”

Professor Jordan Peterson has been accused of being a misogynist because he states facts about the differences or equality of men and women. We as men are sick to death of being included as part of a tyrannical patriarchy when most men, ninety percent of men, had nothing to do with it. We as men are struggling with life too. Women blame us for everything that’s wrong with their lives. We’re not all rich and have top jobs as managers and run companies. Most men don’t abuse and rape women. Yet we are all supposed to listen to how it’s our gender that’s the problem. Men are so confused about women now. We’re scared to talk to them. Too scared to stare at them if they’re attractive. Women have never had it better. However, the radical leftist feminists are still banging on about gender equality like they’ve been wronged in the past and are still being dominated by a tyranny of male domination. All the men I know are happy to let women take over the reigns of power. Let them have it and see how they go at handling power. Feminists are now concentrating on a small minority of men and applying it to the whole gender like it’s all our fault for the so called male dominated society we supposedly live in which is completely false.

Let’s have a look at men at the moment and test this ” domination” theory out.

– most people in prison are men

– most victims of violent crime are men

– most people who commit suicide are men

– most deaths in war are men

– most people who do worse at school are men

– most people who are homeless are men

– breast cancer gets more funding than prostate cancer

-boys are less likely now to enrol in humanities, social sciences and education because of over feminisation.

Where is the male domination in those facts? Women have more choices than now than ever before. A man is required and expected to work. That’s his only choice in life. If you’re a man that is a house husband you’re frowned upon by both men and women. Women have taken over the humanities and social sciences of our universities. They now dominate the primary or elementary schools. Men are being pushed out of our education systems. Their curriculum has been tossed out for other programs written by women, Yet, Australian schools are failing our kids now. We as a nation are falling behind other countries that don’t have the resources that we enjoy. Why? Because teachers are not concentrating on the basics which are now either over complicated or largely ignored. I know, because I was a teacher and found myself thinking I was a sitting duck just going around in circles. I never felt welcome, in fact, I was thrown in the deep end and given the worst kids in the school and basically told to sink or swim. Instead of nurturing me as a teacher that happened to be a man, I was told that because I couldn’t handle problem kids in my first year of teaching, I was labelled a ” dud”.

Now, is that fair? If I was a woman I would’ve been supported. But being a man I was expected to be tough and suck it up. I left totally bewildered. I was told by the Australian Education Union that I was a ” sitting duck ” his words. He said all that has to happen is a child accuses me of something. I’m immediately suspended, assuming that I’m guilty before finding out the truth. If found innocent,the accusation is what people remember.

I’m all for women succeeding in anything they want to try. I’m married to a beautiful woman who is formally educated and loves her job. She also loves me and our two children. We’ve guided them to think as an individuals. We’ve taught them that independence is the path to responsibility. It’s hardwired into all animals that we leave the “nest” and become responsible and independent,

The problem that I see everyday in various scenarios with parents, is that now kids are wrapped in cotton wool. Helicopter parents and feminists have changed the landscape. We now aren’t thinking individually. We’re listening to their bullshit as a society and because it’s women still saying men are the problem, men now are leaving professions and being shamed for being too masculine. “Toxic masculinity ” is now their catch cry.

You see this doctrine now oozing it’s way into sport. They’ve brought in rules to stop boys thinking competitively. They don’t keep score they stop individuals from scoring too much. To be masculine now is to be wrong. This is part of the women’s movement who are at this very moment attacking men in the humanities and social science departments all over the world. They want us to actually change into how a woman thinks and feels. Which is biologically impossible. Why? Because our brains are wired differently. Boys who are too competitive or adventurous are labelled with disorders such as ADHD or told that to be competitive is bad, when men are hardwired over thousands of years to be competitive.

Jordan Peterson points out that if you have a son or daughter they need to be encouraged. Boys especially, because as he states most of the boys or men he talks to have never been given the freedom to be courageous.

Boys are now being indoctrinated not educated in our schools as Jordan Peterson puts forth. There’s schools now who have barred any form of what’s considered “dangerous recreational activity.”

He’s advised parents to ask their children if their hearing language from their teachers such as equality, diversity, toxic masculinity etc. I did that and my son said, ” of course I do dad, everyday.”

If you watch tv now everything is being guided by women. Women are now involved in men’s sport. They now are commentators and have powerful positions at professional football clubs. They have positions in football departments. They sit on boards and have influence in how men play their game. The whole AFL is now become so worried about what women think and how the game is presented to their families that they’ve sanitised the game beyond recognition, from the game I used to love. I never go anymore because I can’t smoke, I can’t swear at the umpires because it’s deemed, too aggressive and they’ve limited how much beer I can drink by reducing the strength of the beer.

As far as I’m concerned, the oppressed have become the oppressors. Men are confused because they’re being manipulated into thinking that their biological urges and instinctive feelings are something to feel ashamed of. And that’s if we men have feelings. Contrary to popular opinion driven by marketing campaigns, men are intrinsically blank vessels only good for impregnating women. The radical feminists would rather men to go away or vanish off the face of the earth altogether. If this isn’t true then why is it every time I watch an advertisement about a family in some context pertaining to a product that’s being marketed, the husband is the butt of the joke. Kids showing silly daddy up to be stupid. Showing a disrespectful attitude and the mother enabling the joke to sell the product and that men have no idea about parenting.

We are men and we’ll never stop being men. Stop blaming us for every problem women have. The cat’s out of the bag. We will keep being adventurous and competitive and masculine because that’s the way we’re made. We don’t stop women, we encourage women to be all they can be. How about women start granting us encouragement. Especially you mother’s out there, let your son be all he can be if you want him to be a competent, responsible, person who treats women with respect. I mean isn’t that what you want ? Because if you oppress him and try to make him into something he’s not. Good luck with that. He’ll rebel and run away from you when he’s old enough. And don’t think he won’t know why he feels insecure because it will be your fault and your husband’s fault for not standing up to you and your bullshit ideology of what you think a man should be. Because, after all, as a woman, what do you know about being a man ? We as modern men don’t try to tell you how to be a woman, we wouldn’t dare.

L.A. to NewYork

My family and I just got back on Christmas Day, from a trip we’d been planning for over a year. We had a fantastic time and I thought my next blog should be about our experience. The first thing is my wife and we have extensive knowledge about travelling overseas. We were both in the adventure travel business for over a decade. Especially, my wife who worked for Peregrine Adventures and Jetset. We’ve been all over the world but since having kids fifteen years ago we hadn’t been out of the country since 2006. So it’s been awhile but we planned this trip very well and the kids were promised they would see America. My wife and I weren’t looking forward to Los Angeles because we’ve been there so many times we’d lost count and we were kind of over it. Yes, we had seen San Francisco and driven down the coast to L.A. too, I can hear you asking. However, I promised my kids we’d take them to Disneyland, Universal Studios, so we couldn’t disappoint them. What we decided was if we’re going to the West again, we’re going to the East too. I’d been as far as Washington back in 2001 but was put off by all the security, as 9/11 had only occurred a few months before. Anyway, we as parents thought bugger it, we’ll go to New York this time and return through Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas back to L.A. This was a fantastic trip and my family and I loved it.

What took me by surprise was New York. The atmosphere was like being in the biggest beehive in the world. I’ve read about the history of this incredible place and seen really good documentaries on it’s historical significance in the modern world. How it created the way all cities operate. From the elevator to the skyscraper, to their mighty bridges and subways,they were first. All I kept thinking was here I am in this miraculous metropolis. I felt drawn to the magic of its nostalgic buildings.No wonder John Lennon, God rest his soul, fell in love with this new Rome, the new world. I thought how wonderful it would be to live here. The architecture had me transfixed. It made me think how Hudson,first laying his eyes on the terrain, could’ve seen what it would become nearly 400 years later. New Yorkers are very proud of their fine city and rightfully so because there is nowhere on earth quite like it. Paris is very beautiful and has an incredible history. Rome the same, London the same. I loved all these cities for different reasons. Ask me now which one of these cities I’d want to visit again it’s New York. I will have to go back one day because a week wasn’t long enough. It was like falling in love with a woman and as she smiled at me, I had to watch her walk away, knowing I was leaving hurt me. Thanks New York you made an indelible mark on my memory that will never leave me, ever.

Mediocre Music

Just listening to Sam Smith. His music illustrates the dumbing down of society. This shit has won Grammys ? My God ! Why ? Hasn’t the new generation have any idea what good music is. Sam Smith should get down on his knees and thank the Gods every night he’s so successful. There is no brilliance in this music. Real musicians and singers who produce excellent stuff are now ignored. What’s the point of them even trying, when the industry only recognises this mediocrity. It’s really disappointing that the younger generation have no revolution or enough passion to have learned from the songwriters and musicians of the past. It’s obvious to me that whoever makes decisions on what gets rotated on popular radio has absolutely no idea. If it’s because their dumb then fuck off ! But I think there is an agenda to break from real musicianship because it’s their way of saying you old guys are irrelevant you don’t count. Well that’s fine as long as you know you’re ruining the business. You’re ruining music and your music, as shit as it is, will be forgotten and buried much earlier than you think. When someone says in ten years, “who is Sam Smith ?” Nobody will know who the hell your talking about. He’ll be filed away in your damned computers and be as dead as your generation is today. Get some balls and make music that counts, that has an impact on your lives. Because Sam Smith is bloody boring. For all you disc jockeys out there. If you play this shit, it’s because you’ve been paid to play it and don’t try to deny it. What the fuck is happening out there ? You pathetic weaklings. Too scared to say to your bosses, this guy’s really boring ? Get out of the business, just leave. To all you poor bastards who can’t get your stuff played on radio, don’t worry there’s always Spotify.

Good Luck, you’re gonna need it !


Trauma of any kind can cause PTSD

When i was fifteen I was in a bad car accident. This occurred in 1978. The car that T- boned my side of the car that my dad was driving catapulted me out the car as the explosive impact blew the doors off. The car was in the shape of a boomerang afterwards. I received internal injuries which nearly killed me. Four broken ribs that splintered and punctured my lungs and left kidney. I was an active athlete that represented my state in basketball. Because I was young and strong I rehabilitated within a couple of months. However, because post traumatic stress disorder was only concerned and concentrated on war veterans. Nobody knew why I was suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence. It was only years later, at least twenty years that I realised why I was so anxious and troubled. My parents, family and friends discounted this self diagnosis. It made me worse because nobody understood until a psychologist agreed with me. I became addicted to marijuana when my first wife left me and treated me bitterly. She also slept with my best friend which caused the addiction to last years. My point to this blog is that trauma is experienced in many different ways and affects people in so many different forms and strengths. Never ignore your loved ones traumas. Even if you think it’s not much of a trauma. It can trouble them for the rest of their lives. Pay attention to their behaviour and seek help early. This blog I wrote to help myself and others. I’m now in my fifties and still suffer from anxiety. I had high blood pressure at the age of nineteen and missed out on my dream of being a police officer. Please take care of your children’s welfare because they feel these things even when they say they’re okay,