Mark Knight cartoon of Serena Hissy Fit

J. k. Rowling aren’t people allowed to draw people as they are? Get over yourself! This is not racism what your basically saying is the free press cannot draw and speak about the truth. That’s what is called fascism. Mark Knight stick to your guns mate. I loved your cartoon. These sporting celebrities and people who have everything need to grow up. If they don’t get their own way they throw a hissy fit and then look to blame others for their own mistakes. This is called ‘ external locus of control’ . Its ” oh poor me I’m rich and popular and the world’s against me”!!! Serena Williams you have the manners of a goat 👎

Another Australian Prime Minister ?

Oh my god ! They’ve done it again. When are our so called politicians going to actually care about this country ? Where have all the community minded people gone ? All they seem to care about now is power. We the people of Australia vote for a man we think will lead the country. Then because of spite and vengeance they are discarded by their own party room, backstabbing colleagues. Why? Because their policies are there to benefit the rich and powerful. If they don’t like what they’re hearing and they can’t change the outcome of policies that will affect their bank accounts. They plant their power lobbyists to cause squabbling and fighting. Tony Abbott you should be ashamed of yourself and your mates too! We as a supposedly free country are a joke to all the other nations fighting for a better world where our children can live and prosper. From now on, if a man gets the nod from the people to be our leader it should stay that way until he’s served his deserved victory. Stop acting like children and set a good example for the people you are supposed to represent.

I don’t care what you think about anything

I’ve started a blog because it’s for me. Not you! I don’t care what anybody thinks about my blog because it’s about what I think. I’ve just sat and watched a load of so called experts talk about what people write about in their blogs to maximise their popularity and financial prospects. My reality is I write for me and please feel free not to read me I don’t care. Because most of you bloggers are just marketing wankers who write about boring subjects. The state of the world is my bag and how tragic it’s become and how we are making the same greedy mistakes that sent the twentieth century to hell. The whole problem is that the doom of man is that he forgets.

Manners cost you nothing

I’m amazed at how many times I encounter people who can’t even say hello, thank you etc, and this goes for people of all ages. It makes me wonder where they learnt manners. It costs you nothing to say hello and smile. Don’t think this is just another blog about the state of people’s attitudes because it isn’t ! I will talk about all kinds of ideas that cause these morons to have the manners of a goat. The moron factor is about how people aren’t basically educated anymore.  They can’t read and write. They don’t study the past because they’re being steered away from the truth. What’s the truth? The truth is in the past. I will go into this more in the future and how it has affected society in so many ways it will scare the wowsers shitless.