Swifty Taylor

” I love you so, so much” she says at one of her sold out crappy concerts.

Why? Because she’s making millions of dollars off you poor, dumb, musically bereft idiots!

She’s the death of real music played by real women and men,!who are real musicians. She’s another mediocre pop star at best. She should get down on her knees and thank God she’s successful. I know musicians that write way better stuff. What happens? They get ignored by radio. They don’t have the payola, the connections.

Oh well, you’ll all pay the price. History in a hundred years will look back and call her an icon. And by then a tune played on a harpsichord, with some fruity, nutty, idiot singing in a flat voice will be the new shit they listen to. All because of you pricks who run the music industry. Your standards already have taken a huge dive down the toilet. Go ahead, laugh, smile, but you’ll be gone soon too.



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