Australian Football League, Hypocrisy!

Today the AFL, decided to hand down a hefty suspension on a young footballer for making a small bet, through a friend. Although, the player came forward and owned up to his mistake the Nazi dictatorship gave him no mercy. Fair enough?

Well, yes but here is an organisation that says on one hand, betting is bad for players to take part in but gambling is good and takes millions from the advertising and participation of punters losing their cash on a weekly basis. Moreover, I’m wondering if their golden boy, Buddy Franklin had made this mistake would he be to blame? Or would the AFL apologise for exposing him to the gambling industry’s addictive practices? Just another example of the over sanitation of, what was once, our great game. I haven’t been to a game in over six years. Why? Because if you sweat you’ll get kicked out. If you smoke, even out in the open, you’ll get kicked out. But, it’s okay to drink until you’re rotten drunk and start a fight. It’s absolutely unrecognisable to me now and I’m with the Fitzroy supporters, you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ve got better things to do.



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