Vettel Robbed.F1 is over regulated

Safety is important but formula 1 is being ruined by over regulation. They should’ve let that mistake by Vettel go and let them race. Mercedes are already dominating the sport and fans are turning away because everyone knows they’ve already won the world championship. It’s a non event now so why worry about a small mistake and ruin a great race. Nobody would be talking about it, if it was let go, that’s the point. The fans would be still interested in the sport. Today, the stewards have damaged the sport and lost spectators. That means less sponsors, less money, if you over regulate and over sanitise the races. Their doing it in all sports now like the Australian Football League. They have changed it so much that now the sport has been ruined by the nerds that are running it. I loved the game, now I haven’t been to a game in six years because I can’t even boo an umpire without being under scrutiny by the police, it’s a joke. The game is now almost unrecognisable. F1 is becoming the same, I suggest you stewards leave it alone.


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