Cheney & Bush Should be in Prison

Dick Cheney would have to be the worst Vice President America has ever had. George Bush Junior wasn’t even in charge. He was just a figure head, with Cheney really running the country. He’s responsible for all the deaths, all the fake intelligence, all the privacy laws being broken, all the bullshit that the media lied about was all due to Dick Cheney and his cronies, that all came from the White House. He will leave a legacy of evil that his children and his descendants will never, ever out live. George Bush Junior will be go down in history as a complete joke. Liz Cheney, how can you even show your guilty face ? You should just slink away with your tail between your legs. Dick you didn’t keep anybody safe, you killed your own people for nothing. You violated people’s privacy and used any information to lie to the world. You’re just another big oil, stupid, elitist moron with absolutely no empathy for people. Iraq was about oil and nothing else. George you were the worst president that wasn’t a president. You don’t even count, your father was just as bad. Big oil in Cuba, do many people know that? Look it up. Before the bay of pigs he was a partner in an oil company in Cuba and was in the CIA. What a bunch of criminals you Americans have voted into power. Nixon, Reagan, the Bush dynasty and now Trump? My God when will you New Romans ever learn?

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