Australia’s Ice Epidemic

When is the media in Australia going to get to the truth about the ripple effects of ice related crime. All the home invasions, all the stolen cars, most of the road deaths, are all caused by crazed ice users. There is no doubt about it and we need to get to the source of the supply of this evil drug.

At the centre of this are the suppliers. The police are doing their best to keep ice users off the road but their only focusing on the users, not the suppliers. The only way to make it safe to drive your car or sleep hoping you won’t be a victim is to cut the supply and support the addicts to beat this terrible drug.

I’ll bet the biker clubs and associated crime syndicates are at the epicentre of all this. I’m risking my life by saying this but if you want the truth, then let’s break them up. Yes, it’s probably fascism to break clubs up but they’re not about drinking beer, smoking dope and having a ride on their Harley’s anymore. They don’t care about decent people dying in accidents caused by ice fuelled rages. They don’t care where the money comes from, as long as they get the drug sold. The media has to have the guts to speak out and lay the blame at their feet. They’re the source of all this and yet can’t be infiltrated because they’ve got the crooked people in powerful positions right in their pockets. They are the organisers and they’ll keep beating the police, unless, good people speak up. Journalism, in this country is a joke! None of them want to report the truth anymore. All they want is to get their heads on television. Wake up and realise what’s really happening.


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