Trauma of any kind can cause PTSD

When i was fifteen I was in a bad car accident. This occurred in 1978. The car that T- boned my side of the car that my dad was driving catapulted me out the car as the explosive impact blew the doors off. The car was in the shape of a boomerang afterwards. I received internal injuries which nearly killed me. Four broken ribs that splintered and punctured my lungs and left kidney. I was an active athlete that represented my state in basketball. Because I was young and strong I rehabilitated within a couple of months. However, because post traumatic stress disorder was only concerned and concentrated on war veterans. Nobody knew why I was suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence. It was only years later, at least twenty years that I realised why I was so anxious and troubled. My parents, family and friends discounted this self diagnosis. It made me worse because nobody understood until a psychologist agreed with me. I became addicted to marijuana when my first wife left me and treated me bitterly. She also slept with my best friend which caused the addiction to last years. My point to this blog is that trauma is experienced in many different ways and affects people in so many different forms and strengths. Never ignore your loved ones traumas. Even if you think it’s not much of a trauma. It can trouble them for the rest of their lives. Pay attention to their behaviour and seek help early. This blog I wrote to help myself and others. I’m now in my fifties and still suffer from anxiety. I had high blood pressure at the age of nineteen and missed out on my dream of being a police officer. Please take care of your children’s welfare because they feel these things even when they say they’re okay,



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