Synthetic marijuana how to stop the addiction

I was a user for four years of this rotten drug. I started using because I thought it was pretty harmless. How wrong I was because I was unable to stop after just a few weeks. If you are reading this and can’t stop, I’m here to help you. The first thing you have to do is seek medical help by visiting your GP. What you have to convince him or her to do is believe that you need help. You cannot just give this drug up without experiencing awful anxiety. The doctor I’m seeing has treated this before and has prescribed anti anxiety drugs in the past to other patients which didn’t work. He has found that prescribing Valium in large doses to start and gradually reducing the dose over a long period works wonderfully. This is what he did for me and I’ve been clear of this dangerous synthetic devil now for 67 days. I’m exercising everyday and eating healthy meals. My coughing and wheezing has virtually stopped. I’m taking two 5 mg tablets a day down from 4 a day when I first started. Now there will be people, including medical professionals, who will warn against substituting one drug for another but isn’t this strategy better than being stuck on that awful drug ? You also need to be mindful of seeking therapy for why you were using in the first place. This I’ve been doing regularly and it has helped me immensely. If you do this it will work if you really want to quit.


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