Another Australian Prime Minister ?

Oh my god ! They’ve done it again. When are our so called politicians going to actually care about this country ? Where have all the community minded people gone ? All they seem to care about now is power. We the people of Australia vote for a man we think will lead the country. Then because of spite and vengeance they are discarded by their own party room, backstabbing colleagues. Why? Because their policies are there to benefit the rich and powerful. If they don’t like what they’re hearing and they can’t change the outcome of policies that will affect their bank accounts. They plant their power lobbyists to cause squabbling and fighting. Tony Abbott you should be ashamed of yourself and your mates too! We as a supposedly free country are a joke to all the other nations fighting for a better world where our children can live and prosper. From now on, if a man gets the nod from the people to be our leader it should stay that way until he’s served his deserved victory. Stop acting like children and set a good example for the people you are supposed to represent.

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