The Voice is the death of real music

When are you people out there going to wake up? The Voice is nothing, I repeat nothing, more than glorified karaoke. The show is about the judges and their egos and their careers. Why not have a show that supports singer songwriters?Real musicians that can write their own shit and sing or perform it?

Get rid of this crap that is killing real musicians and support real people. People who are passionate about their art. It’s just so soul destroying for musicians and performers who procure their art all of their life and get ignored.

Ignored by the radio cocks who just play the same shit, day in, day out. There’s a few bands that get all the airplay everyday. There’s triple m who really is the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli peppers channel. Then there’s Gold fm who really are just the Elton John, Billy Joel channel. You idiots need to just piss off and give local bands a chance. Triple J ? Well, you should just be ashamed of what you play. You’re just playing mediocre crap that will never, ever be remembered. Just remember your audience is getting less and less sophisticated. All your fault.


Swifty Taylor

” I love you so, so much” she says at one of her sold out crappy concerts.

Why? Because she’s making millions of dollars off you poor, dumb, musically bereft idiots!

She’s the death of real music played by real women and men,!who are real musicians. She’s another mediocre pop star at best. She should get down on her knees and thank God she’s successful. I know musicians that write way better stuff. What happens? They get ignored by radio. They don’t have the payola, the connections.

Oh well, you’ll all pay the price. History in a hundred years will look back and call her an icon. And by then a tune played on a harpsichord, with some fruity, nutty, idiot singing in a flat voice will be the new shit they listen to. All because of you pricks who run the music industry. Your standards already have taken a huge dive down the toilet. Go ahead, laugh, smile, but you’ll be gone soon too.



How’s it going with the synthetic marijuana addiction ?

I wrote a blog not long ago about synthetic marijuana addiction and how to battle it. I’ve been off it now for nearly 12 months. I’m still taking one 5mg tablet of Valium a night to relax, just to take the edge off. I’ve finished my sessions with my psychologist and I believe I’ve beaten it but it’s a slippery slope.

The main thing to do when getting off any addiction is to do the things you love to do and try the things you’ve always wanted to try. You don’t need drugs to enjoy life. You just need support from the people around you to give you the confidence. Even if you’re addicted to strong drugs like ice or cocaine, give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s your life go and live it.

To all you traders on Wall Street. You’re the problem that makes the world a shit place and I couldn’t care less about your health, I hope you all rot in hell. People turn to drugs because of your criminal escapades and you’re all on cocaine. So, keep it up, I’m not on your side because your addiction is money and ruining people’s lives, so please, don’t take my good advice, unless, you’re a good person. If you are a good person you wouldn’t be working in stock trading. My advice will never help you until you stop the worship of money. My advice, only works for altruistic people, not mosquitoes. Have a nice life!


Australian Football League, Hypocrisy!

Today the AFL, decided to hand down a hefty suspension on a young footballer for making a small bet, through a friend. Although, the player came forward and owned up to his mistake the Nazi dictatorship gave him no mercy. Fair enough?

Well, yes but here is an organisation that says on one hand, betting is bad for players to take part in but gambling is good and takes millions from the advertising and participation of punters losing their cash on a weekly basis. Moreover, I’m wondering if their golden boy, Buddy Franklin had made this mistake would he be to blame? Or would the AFL apologise for exposing him to the gambling industry’s addictive practices? Just another example of the over sanitation of, what was once, our great game. I haven’t been to a game in over six years. Why? Because if you sweat you’ll get kicked out. If you smoke, even out in the open, you’ll get kicked out. But, it’s okay to drink until you’re rotten drunk and start a fight. It’s absolutely unrecognisable to me now and I’m with the Fitzroy supporters, you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ve got better things to do.



Vettel Robbed.F1 is over regulated

Safety is important but formula 1 is being ruined by over regulation. They should’ve let that mistake by Vettel go and let them race. Mercedes are already dominating the sport and fans are turning away because everyone knows they’ve already won the world championship. It’s a non event now so why worry about a small mistake and ruin a great race. Nobody would be talking about it, if it was let go, that’s the point. The fans would be still interested in the sport. Today, the stewards have damaged the sport and lost spectators. That means less sponsors, less money, if you over regulate and over sanitise the races. Their doing it in all sports now like the Australian Football League. They have changed it so much that now the sport has been ruined by the nerds that are running it. I loved the game, now I haven’t been to a game in six years because I can’t even boo an umpire without being under scrutiny by the police, it’s a joke. The game is now almost unrecognisable. F1 is becoming the same, I suggest you stewards leave it alone.


Cheney & Bush Should be in Prison

Dick Cheney would have to be the worst Vice President America has ever had. George Bush Junior wasn’t even in charge. He was just a figure head, with Cheney really running the country. He’s responsible for all the deaths, all the fake intelligence, all the privacy laws being broken, all the bullshit that the media lied about was all due to Dick Cheney and his cronies, that all came from the White House. He will leave a legacy of evil that his children and his descendants will never, ever out live. George Bush Junior will be go down in history as a complete joke. Liz Cheney, how can you even show your guilty face ? You should just slink away with your tail between your legs. Dick you didn’t keep anybody safe, you killed your own people for nothing. You violated people’s privacy and used any information to lie to the world. You’re just another big oil, stupid, elitist moron with absolutely no empathy for people. Iraq was about oil and nothing else. George you were the worst president that wasn’t a president. You don’t even count, your father was just as bad. Big oil in Cuba, do many people know that? Look it up. Before the bay of pigs he was a partner in an oil company in Cuba and was in the CIA. What a bunch of criminals you Americans have voted into power. Nixon, Reagan, the Bush dynasty and now Trump? My God when will you New Romans ever learn?

Greed is Man’s God

What a tragic world we live in. One day, not too far away, the world will end and the greedy people, the rich, elite,will inherit an earth that is unliveable. Yes, the poor will die first, then the middle class but you rich people, who think you’ll live forever will die also. Why? Because you can’t live in underground bunkers forever. You will have to pay with your lives too. You will say something like, ” but we didn’t know this could happen.” You will rue the day you ignored everybody, snubbed everyone, pissed on everything and raped Mother Earth!

You laugh, with your money and hide your wealth and look down from your glass castles like you’re Gods that matter, but you don’t, you don’t matter. You have your lobbyists that batter up for you and keep the coal fires burning, keep your massive houses lit up, like Christmas trees. You send your children to the best schools and on to the ivory castles of education, thinking this will protect them from the revolution of nature. Sorry but they will die too. Stephen Hawking said, ” we’ve got about 100 years left” before the end. So build your underground bunkers fit for a king but it won’t matter. Too harsh? Bad luck, you’re the people that are harsh now, so don’t cry poor when money doesn’t matter anymore. It won’t buy you air or water and if you’ve already bought it, good luck it won’t last long. It will run out or it will be taken from you. Just like you take and take and take and take. Everything will be gone and it’s because of you capitalist, fascist sons of bitches, you are the true evil. No! I’m not part of any political organisation. I’m not a communist, I’m not a radical, I hate them too!

What am I ? I’m a human being that believes in truth and freewill. I grew up with optimism and hope but mankind are animals, pigs with their snouts in the trough. You rich elitists, you criminals and morons, disappoint me everyday. There are good, honest, hardworking people out here and we are sick of the bullshit, the lies that we see and hear, again and again and again and again! I feel sorry for the kids that are growing up right now, especially mine. We’ll have left them a world that won’t be very nice to live in. Well done, baby boomers. Well done Generation X, Well done Generation Y, well done, well done! Look at your achievements: Famine, drought, poverty, disease, war, homelessness, crime , drugs and addiction, the extinction of beautiful animals, and the greatest of all inventions THE COMPUTER and all that comes with it. How virtuous and smart you all must feel. We all should be proud, don’t you think? Want a solution? Altruism! Care about your neighbour. Do something for someone without expecting reward, don’t worship people that only want fame and money. Revolt against the powerful. Care about the person who’s begging for small change without judging them. Care for the weak without saying to yourself, bugger you Jack, I’m alright and really care about other people,

Love And peace