Mediocre Music

Just listening to Sam Smith. His music illustrates the dumbing down of society. This shit has won Grammys ? My God ! Why ? Hasn’t the new generation have any idea what good music is. Sam Smith should get down on his knees and thank the Gods every night he’s so successful. There is no brilliance in this music. Real musicians and singers who produce excellent stuff are now ignored. What’s the point of them even trying, when the industry only recognises this mediocrity. It’s really disappointing that the younger generation have no revolution or enough passion to have learned from the songwriters and musicians of the past. It’s obvious to me that whoever makes decisions on what gets rotated on popular radio has absolutely no idea. If it’s because their dumb then fuck off ! But I think there is an agenda to break from real musicianship because it’s their way of saying you old guys are irrelevant you don’t count. Well that’s fine as long as you know you’re ruining the business. You’re ruining music and your music, as shit as it is, will be forgotten and buried much earlier than you think. When someone says in ten years, “who is Sam Smith ?” Nobody will know who the hell your talking about. He’ll be filed away in your damned computers and be as dead as your generation is today. Get some balls and make music that counts, that has an impact on your lives. Because Sam Smith is bloody boring. For all you disc jockeys out there. If you play this shit, it’s because you’ve been paid to play it and don’t try to deny it. What the fuck is happening out there ? You pathetic weaklings. Too scared to say to your bosses, this guy’s really boring ? Get out of the business, just leave. To all you poor bastards who can’t get your stuff played on radio, don’t worry there’s always Spotify.

Good Luck, you’re gonna need it !


Trauma of any kind can cause PTSD

When i was fifteen I was in a bad car accident. This occurred in 1978. The car that T- boned my side of the car that my dad was driving catapulted me out the car as the explosive impact blew the doors off. The car was in the shape of a boomerang afterwards. I received internal injuries which nearly killed me. Four broken ribs that splintered and punctured my lungs and left kidney. I was an active athlete that represented my state in basketball. Because I was young and strong I rehabilitated within a couple of months. However, because post traumatic stress disorder was only concerned and concentrated on war veterans. Nobody knew why I was suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence. It was only years later, at least twenty years that I realised why I was so anxious and troubled. My parents, family and friends discounted this self diagnosis. It made me worse because nobody understood until a psychologist agreed with me. I became addicted to marijuana when my first wife left me and treated me bitterly. She also slept with my best friend which caused the addiction to last years. My point to this blog is that trauma is experienced in many different ways and affects people in so many different forms and strengths. Never ignore your loved ones traumas. Even if you think it’s not much of a trauma. It can trouble them for the rest of their lives. Pay attention to their behaviour and seek help early. This blog I wrote to help myself and others. I’m now in my fifties and still suffer from anxiety. I had high blood pressure at the age of nineteen and missed out on my dream of being a police officer. Please take care of your children’s welfare because they feel these things even when they say they’re okay,



Synthetic marijuana how to stop the addiction

I was a user for four years of this rotten drug. I started using because I thought it was pretty harmless. How wrong I was because I was unable to stop after just a few weeks. If you are reading this and can’t stop, I’m here to help you. The first thing you have to do is seek medical help by visiting your GP. What you have to convince him or her to do is believe that you need help. You cannot just give this drug up without experiencing awful anxiety. The doctor I’m seeing has treated this before and has prescribed anti anxiety drugs in the past to other patients which didn’t work. He has found that prescribing Valium in large doses to start and gradually reducing the dose over a long period works wonderfully. This is what he did for me and I’ve been clear of this dangerous synthetic devil now for 67 days. I’m exercising everyday and eating healthy meals. My coughing and wheezing has virtually stopped. I’m taking two 5 mg tablets a day down from 4 a day when I first started. Now there will be people, including medical professionals, who will warn against substituting one drug for another but isn’t this strategy better than being stuck on that awful drug ? You also need to be mindful of seeking therapy for why you were using in the first place. This I’ve been doing regularly and it has helped me immensely. If you do this it will work if you really want to quit.


Mark Knight cartoon of Serena Hissy Fit

J. k. Rowling aren’t people allowed to draw people as they are? Get over yourself! This is not racism what your basically saying is the free press cannot draw and speak about the truth. That’s what is called fascism. Mark Knight stick to your guns mate. I loved your cartoon. These sporting celebrities and people who have everything need to grow up. If they don’t get their own way they throw a hissy fit and then look to blame others for their own mistakes. This is called ‘ external locus of control’ . Its ” oh poor me I’m rich and popular and the world’s against me”!!! Serena Williams you have the manners of a goat 👎

Another Australian Prime Minister ?

Oh my god ! They’ve done it again. When are our so called politicians going to actually care about this country ? Where have all the community minded people gone ? All they seem to care about now is power. We the people of Australia vote for a man we think will lead the country. Then because of spite and vengeance they are discarded by their own party room, backstabbing colleagues. Why? Because their policies are there to benefit the rich and powerful. If they don’t like what they’re hearing and they can’t change the outcome of policies that will affect their bank accounts. They plant their power lobbyists to cause squabbling and fighting. Tony Abbott you should be ashamed of yourself and your mates too! We as a supposedly free country are a joke to all the other nations fighting for a better world where our children can live and prosper. From now on, if a man gets the nod from the people to be our leader it should stay that way until he’s served his deserved victory. Stop acting like children and set a good example for the people you are supposed to represent.

I don’t care what you think about anything

I’ve started a blog because it’s for me. Not you! I don’t care what anybody thinks about my blog because it’s about what I think. I’ve just sat and watched a load of so called experts talk about what people write about in their blogs to maximise their popularity and financial prospects. My reality is I write for me and please feel free not to read me I don’t care. Because most of you bloggers are just marketing wankers who write about boring subjects. The state of the world is my bag and how tragic it’s become and how we are making the same greedy mistakes that sent the twentieth century to hell. The whole problem is that the doom of man is that he forgets.

Manners cost you nothing

I’m amazed at how many times I encounter people who can’t even say hello, thank you etc, and this goes for people of all ages. It makes me wonder where they learnt manners. It costs you nothing to say hello and smile. Don’t think this is just another blog about the state of people’s attitudes because it isn’t ! I will talk about all kinds of ideas that cause these morons to have the manners of a goat. The moron factor is about how people aren’t basically educated anymore.  They can’t read and write. They don’t study the past because they’re being steered away from the truth. What’s the truth? The truth is in the past. I will go into this more in the future and how it has affected society in so many ways it will scare the wowsers shitless.