Bettina Arndt: Thank You

Thank God for Bettina Arndt. At last we have a voice from the opposite gender who is seeing what the radical feminists are doing to men. Men are hurting. As a man I’m sick to death of feminists demonising men for their sexuality. The pendulum is starting to swing back to a level playing field because of women like her. It has to be a woman that is our advocate because all men, excluding men like Jordan Petersen, are too scared to speak up because they fear being labelled sexist or a misogynist.

We aren’t all rapists. We’re not all abusers. Men are in trouble. They’re killing themselves daily at an alarming rate. To you women out there that have a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle. You need to sit up and take notice. Mothers don’t you want responsible, strong, conscientious, drug free sons? Don’t you want them to be confident and treat their wives and families with respect. We are part of this world too. We died in wars. We suffered just as much as any woman through the centuries. Not all men have power and it’s always been that way. We won’t stop being men. We love our sport, our toys and our careers and families. We desire women because it’s biological. We see you and we are allowed to look or would you rather us ignore you?

And another thing when are marketing agencies going to stop portraying men as stupid and useless? I’m sick of seeing it. We need love and respect too. Has anybody noticed the movies being produced now? It’s all about women’s issues and about men being the villains. A third of all domestic violence victims are men who are abused by women. Where is the support for them? Why is prostate cancer not supported as much as breast cancer? I have prostate cancer and was made a category 2 priority in the public hospital system. So I’ve had to find the money to get treated as soon as possible. What a bloody joke! Thank you Bettina you’re a wonderful, caring woman and congratulations on your award. Ignore those stupid idiots who have no clue about real men. To Nina Funnell. You were hurt by one man, a lunatic but he doesn’t represent our gender. Stop trying to vilify all men with your vindictive agenda.


What’s the point ?

This is what’s happened to my dreams. I’ve been playing drums and guitar all my life. Everybody told me I was really good. I played football and basketball, everybody told me I was good. Not just good but very good. BUT NOTHING I WAS SUPPOSEDLY GOOD AT EVER EVENTUATED INTO A CAREER. Then I tried being a teacher and was labeled a dud. Even thought I may become a cop and rescue people with the dog squad. Didn’t get in because of various reasons. Anything I wanted to be I didn’t measure up. So I had shit jobs. My wife once told me I was a good debt collector. That’s all I was reasonable at but I wasn’t really good at that either. Seems there’s always someone who’ll bring you down. I hate this world and I’d rather just be on my own with no one to burst my bubble every time I become confident in myself. Better off out of this shitty world. Oh I’ve written a book or two and I write this blog too. Oh don’t tell me. Let me guess, I can’t write very well either. So you can all piss off! As I said right from my first blog. I don’t care if you read my shit or not. You’re all a pack of ignorant, arrogant, materialistic, screen watching morons. Being herded like sheep into the abyss. And I don’t care if you find me offensive. GOOD!!!! I really hope so.


Terry Gilliam you’re my hero !!!!

Thanks Terry. Herald-Sun Jan 6th. It’s about time somebody with some fame stood up for us white males. I’m sick to death of being the scapegoat for every bloody minority group’s problems.

We’re part of society too and not all of us are rapists like Weinstein and warmongering arseholes like Donald Trump.

Freedom of speech is under attack. The white male cant say anything anymore without being judged in some kind of out of context bullshit! We’re not allowed to be masculine in any way now without being labelled sexist. The radical feminists are trying to take away our masculinity by labelling aggressive sports or male rhetoric as “toxic masculinity.” They’re infiltrating every male institution including our schools and universities which they’re steadily taking over. They talk about power as the problem and equality being the answer but in actual fact they want power. The radical feminists are using this as a way of eradicating our self worth. Their are women out there who have been abused. No male with any credibility would deny that. But this attack on “over privileged white male” bullshit is lumping all white males in the same boat as the Harvey Weinstein’s of this world and we are sick of it.


Millennial Morons

Who cares what you think?

You don’t think!!!

You’re sheep.

Not a peep.

Manufacturers of consent

You’ll never repent

Your time is spent

Too late to make a dent

You’re not heaven sent

Millennium morons

Ignore the past

You’re doomed to fail

No shame

You’re to blame

All you want is fame

Money is why you came

Millennial morons

Revolutionaries none

Tuck tail and run

Political fun

Lies a ton

World done

Australian film and music industry is stuffed

What’s the point of making any Aussie films if Australians don’t get behind films made about our history? The answer is no point. Why?

An example of this is the fantastic film made about the battle of Long Tan. DANGER CLOSE. I just watched it on Telstra box office after I heard it had been released in August 2019. I’m an avid movie goer and love watching films. The fact is there was no advertising or promotion that got behind this wonderful Australian film. For me not to have even known it had been made is a classic example that the Australian people just didn’t know about it. The same day it was supposed to screen it was bumped by the bloody shitty Lion King and crappy Palm Beach. What a bloody disaster for the poor bastards who spent 35 million on this fine movie. It only made back 2 million. Why? Not because it was a bad movie, it was superb and took 15 years to get made. So, of course, the major distributors won the screen bookings and from then on it had no chance. However, the fact is the Australian industry did not promote it and have now buggered up any chance of a high budget film ever being given the go ahead again. A friend of mine tried to get the movie about the battle of Eureka made and was met with the same problems at every opportunity. No one in this country, and I mean the media especially, will get behind the non existent Australian film industry anymore.

We all know about America’s involvement. How many movies have been made about their soldiers and what they endured? Countless and I won’t name them there are too many. It’s about time the Americans know that they were supported by the Australians and New Zealanders in every bloody war they started or finished. WW1, WW2, VIETNAM, KOREA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, you name it we were there.

When are we going to stop being a state of the USA? When will people in this bloody country back Australian artists? The music industry is the same. A band that a friend of mine has painstakingly put together is making incredible progressive rock music and is largely ignored. The band is PLANTOPIA they are on every platform you can think of but will radio pick them up? NO. Why? Because you morons would rather listen to shit right out of America like Taylor Swift. Triple M all they promote is the Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Gold fm just keep on playing Elton John and bloody Billy Joel. Triple j you might as well just piss off and go die somewhere. When are the people of this country going to be given a choice?

Pissed off and sick of the same old crap. Go on you bloody morons listen to American music go and watch American films that’s all you know. Have a bloody mind of your own for Christ sake, you live in Australia not America. DANGER CLOSE: The battle of Long Tan is available on Telstra box office and Google films. BLOODY WATCH IT!!!


Tones and I

Well, what a performance the other night on the Arias. I couldn’t believe it. The musicianship, the absolute total authenticity of that song. Wow!

I can’t wait for the next instalment of new tracks. I’m sure they’ll blow me away. Did you see the crowd at the awards? You could really tell they were real punters of real music. They knew they were witnessing real talent. They knew that this stuff would go on forever like Beethoven or Mozart.

I mean, how could 20 million people get it wrong? Congratulations Tones and I, great name by the way, I love it. We will no doubt be seeing you on the stages of the world. Keep the beard it really works.