Tones and I

Well, what a performance the other night on the Arias. I couldn’t believe it. The musicianship, the absolute total authenticity of that song. Wow!

I can’t wait for the next instalment of new tracks. I’m sure they’ll blow me away. Did you see the crowd at the awards? You could really tell they were real punters of real music. They knew they were witnessing real talent. They knew that this stuff would go on forever like Beethoven or Mozart.

I mean, how could 20 million people get it wrong? Congratulations Tones and I, great name by the way, I love it. We will no doubt be seeing you on the stages of the world. Keep the beard it really works.


Western Governments Have No Power

Stop blaming governments for the world’s problems. You people who turn to governments, whether state or federal, for answers will never get the truth. The truth is that the rich elite control everything. We don’t live in a democracy and we haven’t lived under a real democratic umbrella ever. Maybe back in the fifties and sixties we came close but the rich elite saw the writing on the wall and ripped it away. How? By keeping wages low and profits high. For the last 30 to forty years we’ve been living in a plutocracy. Until you people wake up that presidents like Trump have no power you’ll never change anything. Stop letting your sons and daughters joining armed forces. Stop buying shit you don’t need. Stop watching food and housing shows. Stop listening to marketing messages. You people have to realise the power is with the huge banking institutions. They lobby for candidates that will toe the line. That’s why you’ll never see guns eradicated in America. They’re very powerful lobbyists with a huge pit of money to make sure that never happens. You people are mice fighting monsters. Keep up the protests but direct them at the right people. Why do you think they want to get rid of the responsibility. They want education, health, aged care etc to not be run by governments anymore. They want to sell it all off to the rich elite. They’ve already achieved this in Australia. Electricity, gas, half the health system, Telstra, aged care, mental health. it’s already been done.

Listen to people like Noam Chomsky and Jordan Petersen. They’ll set you straight.


Tones and I ????

What the hell do you call that crap? I’m just dumbfounded. Your uninspiring ” music” makes me want to quit being a musician. Why? Because you guys are the reason music, real music and real musicians are dying a slow death. You will never be remembered. Just remember that as you spend your Spotify money. Buy a house you’ll need it. No wonder the world is completely stuffed. You have no right calling yourselves musicians. Dance monkeys the song really does suit your personalities. Just piss off !


Why is the world evil?

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, life seemed so easy. People seemed happier more easy going. As a kid I watched men walk on the moon. I listened to the clean cut Beatles and was in awe of the Rolling Stones. I had a slug gun and let off crackers and fireworks on Guy Fawkes day, looked forward to it all year. The fun police hadn’t interfered with us kids then. There was no political correctness. No commercial and investment banks to rape and rob mankind. What happened? One word takes care of this question. Greed.

If you want to blame someone, blame the baby boomers. However, the real culprits are corporations like Goldman Sachs. Along with Reagan, Thatcher and men like Morgan Friedman and his Chicago boys who created Neo classical economics. The documentary, ‘The Four Horsemen’ explains everything. It will show you the real truth about what’s going on out there. From how empires end to who really causes terrorism. They explain who caused the 2008 crash and why. But they also come up with a solution to wipe the slate clean and get rid of capitalism and world debt. Debt is a form of slavery. The banks have made us think that to be in debt is normal. It’s not! Regulate these corporations and commercial banks. No more lobbyists having an influence over politicians. Return to the days of altruism and make the world a peaceful place. You the people are so paradoxical. On one hand you all say you want peace and love for your children but on the other hand you build machines and make the tools to destroy each other. You gather wealth and hide away like rats leaving a sinking ship. What a tragedy, because your children will pay for your mistakes in the future. Not just the poor but everyone including the rich elite. Watch out boys a revolution will come and the pitchforks will be stuck right up your arses and the resources will be ripped away from you. Retail consumerism has taken over the world instead of spirituality. Yet there are more depressed people committing suicide than ever before. Materialism was supposed to make us happy and it just hasn’t. We need to connect with people again instead of individually succeeding because you can’t be on your own it won’t work. You’ll become apathetic. Happiness comes from being with other people and being content with what you’ve already got. Do something for someone. Help someone who needs it. You’ll get more satisfaction from that than buying a new television.

All these ideas are from the documentary ‘ The Four Horsemen’ They suggest getting rid of wage taxes and tax consumerism. Classical economics suggests employees own the businesses they work in. This is nothing new it’s been there since the beginning. A few men who own everything is evil it’s a rigged system and helps no one but them. Wake up people you can change things. If there’s one thing you should do it’s watch the above mentioned documentary.


Warning about Burbank Homes

Nearly ten years ago my wife and I made the awful mistake of building a new home with Burbank. This is a warning and my revenge on a shoddily built house by a company that has no remorse or respect for the people they’re selling to. Whatever you do, never, ever build with these sorts of housing companies. The quality is so poor. The service disgusting and they don’t care how bad the fittings or the materials they use are.The cheaper the better. I’m going to show you a list of what we’ve had to endure for the past nine years. Here is the list of faults and mistakes and shoddy workmanship that have haunted us right from the start.

First of all the slab was about 10 centimetres short, unbeknownst to us, until the bricks started to crack a few years later. This is a problem we’ll have to deal with in the not so distant future. Burbank would not do anything about it as they won’t admit there is a problem. We noticed when the wind blew in from the North the front door had leaks and you could hear and feel the drafts that come down the hallway. The front door handle had to be replaced as it stopped functioning. The range hood motor has had to be fixed twice as it just seized. The heating ducts were so inefficient the house was cold. We complained about it several times and they’d come and say it was fixed and it was obvious it wasn’t because we still froze on a cold night. It wasn’t until my wife and I got up in the roof ourselves that we fixed it ourselves by using better adhesive that connected the main duct to the heater unit which gave more pressure to the connecting heater ducts for the rooms. The window winders have broken on half of the windows so we can’t lock them up as tight as we’d like. The taps in the laundry and the kitchen are so badly made they’ve become porous. So when you turn the tap on the water squirts out the sides of the tap because the quality of the steel is terrible. I never thought I’d see a tap leak like that because of poor quality steel. The solar hot water service had to be disconnected because it kept leaking and was actually costing us money. The workmen who took them off the roof told me they were poor quality and were useless after a few years. The electric roller door that has never worked properly has completely seized and when I rang the company that Burbank advised me to ring they wanted $180 just to come and look at their shoddy product that they never installed properly in the first place. Most of the light fittings are difficult when trying to change the ridiculous globes that are like trying to construct a rocket. You can’t touch them with bare hands or they are useless and blow up. One of our light fittings that is attached to the ceiling fan had been fitted with the wrong wattage globe and nearly caused a fire. The doors are so light and made of what seems light ply, wobble when the front door is opened or shut. In fact the whole house shakes when the front or back door is closed. This is a result of your previous governments who permitted alternative materials to cheapen the cost of houses being built. So, out the window went the quality. When I was young and living in the Seventies and eighties houses were built sturdy and with strong materials such as hardwoods. Building inspectors were employed by the government and ensured that houses were built to an excellent standard but now the inspectors are employed by the housing companies. That’s like the foxes being the guardians of the hen houses. Tradies don’t give a shit because they’re paid exorbitant wages to build your houses of cards that will fall down around you within ten years and they’ll have made their money and be laughing about it down at the pub. Oh and by the way the so called cement slabs that are supposed to be cement are full of “waffles”! In other words foam to cut costs and make your house even less stronger and prone to buckling. That’s why you’ll see cracks form in your walls and if you see this seek legal advice immediately. These are just a few of the disgusting qualities that we are now seeing in our homes that we are handing our hard earned money over for. The banks are in on it too. They don’t care that they’re lending you $400,000 for a box of cardboard and glass. They’ll happily foreclose and sell you off as soon as the bubble bursts in a country that use to be honest. The banks own the politicians and run the economy be under no illusions about that. We now live in a plutocracy not a democracy but that is another story. Up yours Burbank and stuff you and everything you stand for which is dishonesty. Buyers beware!!!!!


Plantopia Music

There is a new genre of music that has been largely ignored in the last year. They’re on all major platforms such as Spotify, i tunes, YouTube. They’re hard to insert into any musical category because they’re very different from anything anybody’s ever heard before. I’ve heard that they’re probably progressive rock but I don’t think so. More experimental progressive rock would suit their type of groove. Great production. Fantastic original ideas and influential, established guest artists make these guys so interesting I just had to mention them in my blog. Please have a listen, give these guys a chance they deserve it. Over a year now they’ve produced six songs and I’ve got them on my playlist and listen to them especially when driving. It takes just a few minutes to listen. If you like them, spread the word and share with your friends. These guys work hard at their craft with hardly any recognition. So why not give them a go?